We love to travel.

We love Paris and Paros, quirky harbor pubs and beautiful wine bars. We are looking for exciting people, great designs, cool cafes, hidden insider tips. We want to share what we discover, show what we like. bolieu is a colorful mix of stories we collected on the road. Some are well known, others not. Here they are published. Without hierarchies and pigeonholes. Everything that is elsewhere. Well packaged, easily accessible, hopefully helpful. Traveling is fun – no matter if it’s to the other end of the world or to the next district.

Patricia Engelhorn


SWISS Magazine
Neue Zürcher Zeitung
Traveller’s World
paradies – Strohbeck Reisen Magazin
AD Architectural Digest

Andreas Meiler

Art Director

BLUE Surf & Travel Magazine
Negotiate. – Schranner Negotiation Magazine
paradies – Strohbeck Reisen Magazin

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